Green Center

Atrakcje turystyczne Zielonej Góry w zasięgu ręki

Zielona Góra for sports

Zielona Góra – as the capital of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, many people associate with numerous green areas and wine, thanks to which the city is considered the Polish capital of wine. This is where there are numerous vineyards that attract lovers of...
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Cycling routes Zielona Góra

What is Green Mountain associated with? In most cases, the answer will be about the slag, the capital of Polish wine and numerous green areas. However, subsequent investments mean that the city is slowly changing into a city of bicycles. All thanks...
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Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra

Do you know that you can relax and relax in the green of the city center? Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra is a place that is just gaining its shine. Visit this place and see how the park changes and what it offers...
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Zielona Góra business meetings

Zielona Góra business meetings are an ideal opportunity to get to know new solutions on the market, get to know potential contractors and gain experience in training. Develop your business in Zielona Góra, and after a whole day, rest in comfortable conditions...
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Business trip Zielona Góra

Do you run your business and plan to expand your business? One of the indispensable elements of running your own business are business trips, where you have the opportunity to train and meet new business partners. Are you planning a business trip...
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Accommodation in the Zielona Góra delegation

Working in a delegation is often difficult and hard work. At the beginning of their professional career, however, continuous trips have their pluses. New places and people are an ideal opportunity to gain experience. Your company sends you a delegation to Zielona...
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