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Military Museum in Drzonów, Lubuskie

Military Museum in Drzonów, Lubuskie

The Voivodeship is an amazing windfall for all fans of military, history and World War II. The Military Museum in Drzonów is a must-have for spending free time in the area of Zielona Góra. Check what you can see.

History at your fingertips

The Lubusz Military Museum in Drzonów as an independent institution has been operating since 1985, and since 1999, the institution has been an Institution of Culture in the Poviat of Zielona Góra. The seat of the museum is a classical palace with a park, where you can see an amazing exhibition. The museum has approx. 3 thousand. exhibits. Here are collections, including:

  • Heavy military equipment
  • Military aviation
  • Machine guns
  • Firearms
  • White weapons
  • armament
  • uniforms
  • Documents, plans and maps

In the palace itself there are permanent and periodic exhibitions entitled:

  • Old weapons
  • Polish soldier 1914-1945
  • Women – soldiers
  • Polish Army after 1945
  • Hunting salon


Explore the open air

The Museum’s facility also has 4 hectares of park, where you can walk, among others collections of artillery, rockets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, cars and trucks, helicopters and airplanes. Here you will see, among others:

  • Attack plane Ił-10 / AVIA B-33,
  • Transport plane Il-14T
  • Li-2 aircraft
  • SU-152 self-propelled gun
  • Medium tank T-55U
  • Floating transporter BTR-50PU
  • Self-propelled gun 2S7 “Pion” with a 203.7 mm caliber
  • Field howitzer Le.F.H.18 105mm caliber

Educational offer

A visit to the museum can also be a very interesting option to spend time with the youngest. The guides certainly have a lot to say about the exhibits. Their knowledge and historical passion will allow you to learn more about this place. The proposed educational offer will also interest children and teenagers. The exact offer can be found HERE.

Explore the area from Centrum Park Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra is the perfect place to spend a few days. The charming city, numerous green areas and attractions in close proximity to the city mean that the time spent in the capital of the Lubuskie Voivodeship will surely be successful. By booking an overnight stay at Centrum Park Zielona Góra, you will rest in the city center right next to the revitalized Sowiński Park. You will reach the museum in Drzonów within a dozen or so minutes by car. Those who plan to spend time actively can organize a cycling trip. Especially for this occasion, we have prepared a rental office, and after a whole day we invite you to the sauna and rest on an accessible patio. Visit the Lubusz Military Museum in Drzonów and book accommodation in Centrum Park.

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