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Bike route Zielona Góra – Przylep Lotnisko

2022-05-18 Blog EN - Cycling routes
Bike route Zielona Góra – Przylep Lotnisko

The cycling route takes 22 minutes, the distance is 6.8 km. We set off from the flats in the direction of Kasper Twardowski. Next, we turn right into Konstytucji 3 Maja Avenue, then left into Wrocławska Street and straight into Kupiecka Street. We continue along Stefana Batorego for about 2.2 km. Next, we reach the roundabout of Stefan Batory, where we take the fourth exit into the northern route, turn right and reach another roundabout, where we take the fourth exit again in the direction of Heracles street and then turn left into Melpomena street. Staying on this street turn right.

Przylep Airport – what is worth seeing?

The main attraction is the Aeroclub of Lubusz Land, which is one of the youngest areoclubs in Poland and well worth a visit. A hotel and a restaurant are available at the airport. Apart from admiring the shows, you can go skydiving and learn piloting. It is a great place to relax at sunset.

Comments and opinions about our apartments can be left on the website Meteor, where our business card is presented. Zielona Góra is an interesting and beautiful city, so it is really worth visiting us and getting to know Guilty City.