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Venus Planetarium – repertoire August 2018

2018-08-14 Blog EN
Venus Planetarium – repertoire August 2018

Do you want to take part in a magical journey into the stars or want to get to know the solar system even more? The planetarium of Venus in Zielona Góra will take you into space in order to search for answers to many questions about the Universe.

Planetarium of Venus

The name of the planetarium comes from the name of the cinema, which once was in the current planetarium building. The planetary hall is equipped with a movable dome, the angle of which can be changed to the viewer. An interesting fact is that it is one of three such structures in the world. The projections of astronomy and broadly understood science films can be seen on the 10-meter dome.

In addition, all visitors are available to:

  • The astronomical exhibition equipped with a multimedia projection system
  • Posts regarding the solar system
  • Meteor exhibition
  • Space flight space
  • Optical Laboratory “Cave of Light”

What can you see in August?

August 2018 has prepared the following attractions for all guests:

Tuesday Friday:

  • 10:00 – Little Star 2D
  • 11:00 – Earth, Moon and Sun 2D
  • 12:00 – Our 2D Universe
  • 13:00 – Polaris 2D
  • 14:00 – summer 2D skies (live educational display)
  • 17:00 – Polaris 2D
  • 18:00 – Maya. Ancient Astronomers 2D
  • 19:00 – Explore 3D (screening only on Fridays)

Saturday Sunday

  • 11:00 – A small 2D star
  • 12:00 – The life of 2D trees
  • 13:00 – Earth, Moon, 2D Sun
  • 14:00 – Explore 3D
  • 17:00 – Polaris 2D
  • 18:00 – Our 2D universe
  • 19:00 – On the wings of 3D dreams

You can find exact ticket prices HERE

Discover the cosmos in Zielona Góra

A visit to the Planetarium of Venus is an amazing windfall for children and adults. It is worth spending the weekend exploring the history of the Universe. When planning a visit to Zielona Góra, it is worth planning an overnight stay. Centrum Park Zielona Góra are comfortable apartments in the very center of the city, which are literally a “minute” from the planetarium in Zielona Góra. Interesting design, bathroom and equipped kitchen along with the necessary equipment will make the stay in the wine castle will be particularly successful. Our apartments are located next to the revitalized Sowiński Park, where, surrounded by greenery, you will rest and relax.

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