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Accommodation – Zielona Góra delights in the fall

2020-11-04 Blog EN
Accommodation – Zielona Góra delights in the fall

Are you planning a stay in the city and are you interested in accommodation? Zielona Góra is an ideal place for people interested in the history of winemaking, interesting architecture and, of course, beautiful nature, which adds charm to the city especially at this time of the year. However, no matter what the purpose of your stay in Winny Gród, one thing is certain – Centrum Park Apartments offer the best accommodation.

Comfortable accommodation – Zielona Góra

The city life has stopped a bit recently, but Zielona Góra is a city where you can spend time in nature. Numerous bicycle routes and walking paths in Zielona Góra allow for active recreation in the fresh air. So if you have decided to visit Zielona Góra and you have already prepared a plan for your stay, you need to think about accommodation. After all, the decision on where to stay in Zielona Góra is one of the most important aspects of a successful trip. Even if you are in the city for business reasons, it is worth using your free time for a pleasant holiday. It should also be remembered that Zielona Góra, thanks to the large amount of green areas, is a family-friendly place, as well as full of romantic nooks.

So if you plan to stay in Winny Gród and you are interested in comfortable accommodation, Zielona Góra has a place where it is worth booking accommodation. These are Centrum Park Apartments.

Our facility is located in the revitalized part of Sowiński Park, less than a 6-minute walk from the promenade or the Palm House, which guarantees an impressive view of the city panorama. Centrum Park Apartments are also an ideal base for exploring the surrounding attractions, such as the Zatonie Park and the Botanical Garden.

Importantly, our guests have free parking on site.

Zielona Góra: Accommodation that allows you to save time

Centrum Park Apartments are located in the quiet center of Zielona Góra, so our guests can relax while having the most popular attractions of the city within easy reach. Within a really short walking distance you can find both restaurants and the numerous shops located in the Focus Mall Gallery.

It is extremely important to choose accommodation close to the places you want to visit in Zielona Góra. This way you will save valuable time and money and you will not risk spending a lot of time in transport. Especially in these special times.

Accommodation – Zielona Góra delights in the fall

Centrum Park Apartments is the perfect place to stay, if only because they allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are also a great alternative to hotels, because they provide both privacy and comfortable accommodation. Zielona Góra invites you to visit regardless of the season. However, especially now we can enjoy our eyes with beautiful autumn colors. The view of Park Sowińskiego is really amazing.

If you are interested in our accommodation offer, please remember that each of our rooms is equipped with a modern kitchen and bathroom. The apartments are decorated in a contemporary style. And our guests have access to a bicycle rental and sauna prepared especially for them. Which means you’ll have a place to relax and unwind after a long day of work or discovering everything Zielona Góra has to offer.

Comments and opinions about our apartments can be left on the website Meteor, where our business card is presented. Zielona Góra is an interesting and beautiful city, so it is really worth visiting us and getting to know Guilty City.