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Bachusików Trail Zielona Góra

Bachusików Trail Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra is the capital of Polish wine. In September, during the Grape harvest, all residents and tourists can taste this drink from nearby wineries. Getting to know the city is worth looking around. In different places there are Bachusiki, which refer to the history of the vine town. Discover the Bachusików Zielona Góra trail and find them all.

Legend has it that Bachusiki are the children of Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, who liked the promenade in Zielona Góra. Bacchus chose Zielona Góra because every year in September there is a vintage – a wine festival, which is famous for its unique taste. Speaking of Bachusikas, however, we will not find information about their mother. They themselves scattered all over the city and hid in different parts of it.

One is rolling a barrel, another is sleeping, and another is photographing passers-by. There are 41 of them, and each year they increase. All thanks to the founders who want to create the history of Zielona Góra.

It is best to look for Bachusików with the map. You can download the interactive one HERE. Below you will also find it in the form of a photo.

Look for Bachusików from Centrum Park Zielona Góra

Visit the Bachusików Zielona Góra trail and find them all. Plan your stay in the wine city and book accommodation in Centrum Park. For our guests we have prepared comfortable apartments in the city center. From us in a few moments you will reach the promenade in Zielona Góra, where you will start searching for small sprites. However, after a day you can rest on the available patio or relax in the sauna.

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Comments and opinions about our apartments can be left on the website Meteor, where our business card is presented. Zielona Góra is an interesting and beautiful city, so it is really worth visiting us and getting to know Guilty City.