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Bike Rental Zielona Góra

2018-08-09 Blog EN - Cycling routes
Bike Rental Zielona Góra

Zero zloty. That’s how much it will cost the first 20 minutes of bike rental from the city rental. Soon, Zielona Góra and tourists will be able to use an alternative means of transport. When will the green mountain bike rental start?

Bicycle paths grow like “mushrooms after rain”

Zielona Góra for bicycles. It’s safe to say that looking at the investment of the city’s authorities. Bicycle infrastructure is constantly evolving. New bicycle routes are created. This means that switching from car to bike will be a good solution and from the bicycle’s perspective you will be able to drive the entire city.

How much will the Zielona Góra bike rental cost?

As mentioned earlier, the first 20 minutes will be free. Driving up to 60 minutes is the cost of two zlotys, and each subsequent hour will cost 4 zlotys. The city bike rental Zielona Góra is to start on August 21, and the cycling season will last until the end of November. Jednoślady will return to their positions only from March 1. It is planned that the city bike project will cover as many as 360 two-wheelers.

Bike rental Zielona Góra is also available at Centrum Park

Zielona Góra has been attracting tourists for years who like active rest. Centrum Park Zielona Góra, in order to meet the expectations of its guests, created a bicycle rental, where, when booking a room, you can use bicycles, and after a whole day relax in the sauna.

Centrum Park is an ideal starting point to get to know the whole city. Comfortable apartments are located in the heart of the city, next to the revitalized Sowiński Park. Plan your visit today and start your cycling adventure in Zielona Góra.

Comments and opinions about our apartments can be left on the website Meteor, where our business card is presented. Zielona Góra is an interesting and beautiful city, so it is really worth visiting us and getting to know Guilty City.