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Castle in Lubniewice – Palace from “The Art of Loving”

Castle in Lubniewice – Palace from “The Art of Loving”

The vicinity of Lubniewice is one of the most interesting places on the map of Lubusz. On Lake Lubiąż, there is a neoclassical palace, a neo-Renaissance castle with an observation tower and the Love Park. While in Zielona Góra, it is worth visiting this place, especially if we would like to follow in the footsteps of Michalina Wisłocka.

History of the castle in Lubniewice

There are two palaces in Lubniewice – a small neoclassical palace called the Old Castle and a large neo-Renaissance palace called New Castle. These buildings were erected for the von Waldow family, and both palaces and the park make up the Palace Complex in Lubniewice.

Immediately after the war, a boarding school for orphans of murdered teachers operated in the palace, but from 1949 it housed a holiday center. It was there that Michalina Wisłocka came to one of the stays and she experienced the love of her life here. Her love textbook, the now famous “The Art of Loving”, was also being written in Lubniewice.

What can you visit in Lubniewice?

Lubniewice is an undiscovered pearl on the holiday map of the region. And the castle, located on the lake, hides many secrets and beauty within its walls.

Interestingly, the castle in Lubniewice has been closed for almost 25 years. However, its current owner, Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński, decided to make the palace available to guests. The facility is still not completely renovated and its visiting will be possible for the so-called a voluntary fee to be spent on further renovation works.

According to the information provided by the owner, it will be possible to visit the castle in Lubniewice from July. At the beginning, there will be three or four groups a day by a guide. And the tours will last about an hour and a half.

Within the park there are also numerous walking paths with elements of small architecture and a varied tree stand, where apart from native species there are also Burgundian oak, pyramidal oak, Japanese pearl oak, American knee and balsam fir. In the Love Park, we can find sculptures dedicated to Michalina Wisłocka and her stay in Lubniewice.

The vicinity of the castle in Lubniewice is a quiet and intimate place, perfect for people who want to relax without the noise and crowds of tourists.

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