Discreet accommodation Zielona Góra – enjoy your special moments in comfortable conditions

Are you planning a romantic evening? Are you looking for a place for a discreet accommodation? Zielona Góra has a wide selection of hotels, but often they do not provide an adequate level of privacy. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the alternative accommodation option offered by Apartamenty Centrum Park. With us you can enjoy special moments in comfortable conditions.

Discreet accommodation – Zielona Góra

Sometimes some couples, bored with their everyday life, look for a way to escape from traditional forms of spending time. Therefore, finding a place for a discreet accommodation can be a great alternative to diversify their relationship. Zielona Góra has a perfect place where you can meet. These are Centrum Park Apartments, which provide discretion to all their clients.

Our apartments are an ideal place for all couples who are looking for comfort and intimacy. All rooms are equipped with comfortable beds, armchairs, table, TV and WiFi. A room with kitchenette and bathroom can be booked with just a few clicks.

Zielona Góra: Discreet accommodation – enjoy the privacy you are looking for

Every couple who are looking for a discreet accommodation will find a unique place to spend time together in our apartments. Thanks to the location next to the Sowiński Park, Centrum Park Apartments provide peace and quiet, despite the fact that they are located in the city center. And our guests have free parking at their disposal, which ensures their complete privacy.

Staying in our apartments is associated not only with complete discretion, but also with a sensual aura of mystery. So you can enjoy the partner and privacy you are looking for.

Book your accommodation online at Apartamenty Centrum Park and remember that intimate moments in our rooms will remain your little secret. And the modern design and elegance of the interior will ensure you a high comfort of stay.

An ideal place for a discreet accommodation – Zielona Góra

Don’t know where to end your date? Do you have small children at home and you want to stay comfortably with your partner? Are you looking for a place for a discreet accommodation? Zielona Góra is your hometown? Choose one of our apartments and enjoy intimate moments in a quiet and peaceful place. What is important for our guests, we have also made available a sauna, which can be a great diversification to your stay in our facility.