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How to use the sauna?

2018-07-23 Blog EN
How to use the sauna?

A visit to the sauna is for many people an amazing relaxation and rest, which also has a positive impact on our health. Do you know that saunaing for eg Scandinavians is a ritual where certain rules must be observed? Check how to use the sauna and find out why it has a beneficial effect on our health and well-being.

How to use the sauna to fully relax?

At the beginning you need to know that there are several types of saunas. You can use the dry (Finnish) sauna, steam sauna or infrared sauna. However, regardless of the type of sauna you need to prepare and remember a few basic rules.

Many experts point out that a sauna bath is the perfect end to the day. After the visit, everyone can feel tired and sleepy. No doubt, the sauna is considered by many to be the best sleeping pill.

What should you remember?

The sauna is primarily to be relaxation and rest. The sauna should not be hungry (it does not mean that we can enter with a full stomach). The body must be prepared to deal with the thermal regulation of the body without problems. Doctors and specialists point out that a visit to the sauna before or after a lot of physical effort is not recommended.

In the sauna, it is recommended to stay for 5-15 minutes once. People who are just starting their adventure with sauna can shorten this time. Some people may experience dizziness when taking a steam bath. You should then leave the cabin and rest until your body temperature and heart rate return to normal. Remember to make sure that the body is hydrated before and after the visit.

Steam bath in the sauna is undoubtedly an amazing relaxation. However, it is worth knowing in advance how to use the sauna to be able to take full advantage of all the delights of sauna. Do you know that you can use the sauna after the whole day in Zielona Góra. All guests visiting Centrum Park Zielona Góra can use the comfortable sauna. In addition, a comfortable terrace and bicycle rental are at the guests’ disposal. Book your accommodation today. Spend an amazing time in the very center of the city and check how to use the sauna.

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