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Ochla swimming pool – an outdoor swimming pool in Zielona Góra

Ochla swimming pool – an outdoor swimming pool in Zielona Góra

Many people spend their holidays in the city wondering where to spend their time on the water near Zielona Góra. There are several dozen kilometers to the charming lakes, so the Ochla Municipal Bathing Beach, which is the only open swimming pool in Zielona Góra, seems to be an ideal place for a short trip outside the city.

Ochla swimming pool – recreation in Zielona Góra

The Municipal Bathing Beach in Ochla is located 4 kilometers from the center of Zielona Góra, so it is a great place for a quick trip outside the city. You can get there both by public transport and by bike, which makes it very popular in the summer among people spending their holidays in the city.

The facility belongs to the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center and is situated on a 17 hectare forest complex surrounded by bicycle paths. The 240 x 80 m reservoir is fed by the Pustelnik stream, which flows out of the Zielona Góra Embankment. It is precisely due to the spring water flowing into it that it is considered to be one of the most interesting bathing areas of this type in Lubuskie.

The resort offers camping, beach volleyball, beach soccer and table tennis. This place is also suitable for a family holiday, as there are attractions for children, such as swings, slides and sandboxes, located in the swimming pool area. An additional advantage of the municipal swimming pool is the fact that on the opposite side of the street there is a 5.5 hectare reservoir, over which you can organize a picnic and fish.

The Municipal Bathing Beach in Ochla is open only in the summer season, from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00.

Ochla 2022

Importantly, the swimming pool in Ochla is to be modernized in the near future, thanks to which a modern outdoor recreation area is to be created. Currently, four concepts for the transformation of the facility are being considered, which provide for the construction of, among others a water playground for children and a surfing simulator.

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