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Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra

2018-07-10 Blog EN
Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra

Do you know that you can relax and relax in the green of the city center? Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra is a place that is just gaining its shine. Visit this place and see how the park changes and what it offers to all visitors.

Park revitalization

Once, Sowiński Park was characterized by a fenced and neglected pond. However, the city authorities decided to change it. The revitalization works of the park will soon be completed. There will be new benches, a fountain, footbridges and wooden jetties. Residents will also be able to walk through renewed paths and sidewalks. New trees and shrubs will be planted.

The park is also to be adapted for cyclists. There will be special bike racks, and you can rest and rest on the renovated lawns. Park Sowińskiego Zielona Góra will become a place of rest and relaxation for all who decide to visit the city center.

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