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RCAK will gain a new face

2017-12-12 Blog EN
RCAK will gain a new face

Soon, the Regional Center for Culture Animation is to become an ideal place for rest and creative creation. Work is currently underway to renovate the park and the villa. What changes can we prepare for?

The revitalization of the park and renovation of the villa has already begun in September. However, you can not get information on what stage works are present because the current director of the facility, Tomasz Siemiński, no longer directs RCAK, and no one else is able to provide any information. The only thing you can see is the insulation of foundations and walls as well as sanitary sewerage. Then, window and door woodwork as well as gravity and mechanical ventilation are to be replaced. For office purposes, rooms should be renovated.

RCAK and back to the past?

The whole renovation of RCAK is not only a renovation of the building, but also the return of historical interiors. The building will have three apartments, which will serve as accommodation. The club Harlem, which will serve as a meeting place for all residents of the city, will also be reactivated. In addition, there will be classes in art therapy and personal development.

The printing and garage building will also benefit from the expansion of RCAK, where the first creative industry incubator in western Poland will be created. The new facility is to have approx. 2.5 thousand square meters. And three floors. The building will have a multi-functional room for 150 people, which will be equipped with systems with automatic chairs, platforms, decoration and lighting. The costs related to modernization are to amount to approx. PLN 6 million. The end of the work is to end at the end of next year.

The park will become a place of rest

It is said that the revitalization of the park is to absorb PLN 21 million. The place is to become a real refuge and a place of relaxation for all inhabitants of Zielona Góra. The park is to be renovated in accordance with conservation plans. Visitors will be able to see an amazing fountain that is currently buried. All works are to be carried out so that the former glory will return to this place. Residents will be able to walk along the alleys, among fragrant flowers and in the shade of trees. You can rest on numerous benches and on pergolas.

Source: zielonanews.pl

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