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The city bike will appear in Zielona Góra

2017-12-12 Blog EN
The city bike will appear in Zielona Góra

Inhabitants of Zielona Góra and enthusiasts of physical activity will eventually get a solution that is successfully enjoyed in other countries in Poland and abroad. Mayor Janusz Kubicki has just announced a tender for the construction of a municipal bike system in the city. The project assumes the creation of 36 stations with 360 bikes for rent.

Some history

An interesting fact is that the idea of ​​a city bike is not a figment of recent years. Luuda Schimmelpenninka is considered to be a pioneer of “sharing bike”. The principle of sharing economy can be regarded as the main slogan of the bicycle rental idea: “By owning something, you can share it with others”. The first city bikes were created in Amsterdam as a protest of the Provo organization, which fought for environmental protection. The “White Bicycle Plan” action, the leader of which was Luud Schimmelpennink, established in 1965 that bicycles painted in white were left in various parts of the city. Such a means of communication was to be free and available to everyone. This action was the beginning to create a city bike system. The first bicycle rental system, which most closely resembles the present one, was built in Denmark in the 1990s. Good infrastructure and appropriate prices have made ecological awareness among urban dwellers bigger. Apart from Denmark, the city bike with time appeared in Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris. With time, the wave of popularity spread throughout Europe.

Zielonogórski City Bike

You do not have to talk to anyone about how positive impact on health and fitness is on cycling. A city bike is not only a solution to support physical activity, but also a way to cork the city.

Within the framework of the Zielona Góra City Bike, bicycle stations with equipment and software for monitoring and operating the system. The entire Zielona Góra City Bike system will include 360 ​​bikes, which will be available at 36 stations.

Stations will be located in such places as:

  1. Plac Bohaterów
  2. Stary Rynek/Jana Sobieskiego
  3. Kupiecka (Bachus)
  4. Zdrojowa
  5. Kupiecka/Westerplatte
  6. Wojska Polskiego/Reja
  7. Rondo 11 Listopada
  8. Podgórna/Waryńskiego
  9. Podgórna UZ
  10. Szafrana UZ
  11. Pomorskie
  12. Śląskie
  13. Morelowa
  14. Wojska Polskiego/Wyszyńskiego
  15. Krajlevska
  16. Wojska Polskiego UZ
  17. Agrestowa
  18. Zacisze/Prosta
  19. Botaniczna (Mini Zoo)
  20. Jesionowa
  21. Krośnieńska (Zielona Strzała)
  22. Wyszyńskiego/Słowacka
  23. Wyszyńskiego/Monte Cassino
  24. Zawadzkiego/Cyryla i Metodego
  25. Wyszyńskiego/Wiśniowa
  26. 1 Maja (Zielona Strzała)
  27. Batorego/Obywatelska
  28. Plac Słowiański
  29. Konstytucji 3 Maja (Wenus)
  30. Sulechowska (CRS)
  31. Krępowska (Chynów)
  32. Dworcowa (dworzec PKP)
  33. Dworcowa (dworzec PKS)
  34. Wyspiańskiego (pływalnia)
  35. Batorego/Zamoyskiego
  36. Odrzańska (Łężyca)

Source: www.zielonanews.pl, sen.fpiec.pl

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