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The Grape harvest 2020 in a form other than standard?

The Grape harvest 2020 in a form other than standard?

The grape harvest in Zielona Góra is an annual September holiday related to the completion of work on the vine harvest. This event has been attracting crowds of people for many cultural and sporting events for years. However, Harvest 2020 due to a coronavirus pandemic may take a different form than usual.

Attractions Vintage

The Zielona Góra Vineyard is the culmination of work on the vineyard harvest. Traditionally, the festival begins with a colorful procession and handing over the keys to the city to the god of wine – Bacchus. During the grape harvest week a collector’s market and a fair are held on the promenade. And wine lovers can taste wines at the “Winemaker’s House” by gaining additional expert knowledge from winemakers from Zielona Góra.

The grape harvest in Zielona Góra is also a lot of cultural and sporting events. These include Bacchus’ Night Run, numerous concerts of pop music as well as brass bands, big bands and symphony orchestras. The premises organize dance and jazz nights, theater performances, exhibitions, fashion shows, amusement parks and cabarets. The Vintage offer is very rich and as you can see during the celebration of Zielona Góra Days everyone can find something for themselves.

Will there be a Vintage 2020?

The harvest 2020 is scheduled for 5-13 September. Every year, numerous cultural and sporting events awaited residents and tourists, i.e. concerts, outdoor games or a street procession, which at present can be difficult to prepare. If it is possible to organize the celebration of Zielona Góra Days this year, they may take place in a different form than usual.

It is important that at the moment no final decision has been made to cancel the Wine Market 2020. According to the organizer, preparations for this year’s celebration of the Zielona Góra Days – Vintage 2020 are underway. Details of the event are to be given in July.

However, you can suspect that the Vintage 2020 will still take place in some limited form. Because it will be difficult to give up the organization of the event, which has already become a permanent part of the landscape of Zielona Góra and has become a local tradition.

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