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The most beautiful lakes around Zielona Góra part 2

The most beautiful lakes around Zielona Góra part 2

The lakes located near Zielona Góra offer many possibilities. Regardless of whether you like active leisure, hiking or laziness on the beach. You can rent a boat or kayak, swim and walk in the beautiful natural surroundings. There is always something going on at Lubuskie lakes and it is worth visiting these places during the holidays.

Niesłysz Lake – guarded bathing areas

Lake Niesłysz is the largest lake in the Łagowskie Lake District. The shoreline of the basin is well developed and the banks are high and forested. Due to the fact that it has many bays, the lake has an irregular, interesting shape. We can also find three islands with an area of 10.4 ha.

Niesłysz is a place often visited by sailing enthusiasts, because you can get sailing privileges on the lake. Interestingly, the transparency of the water and the considerable depth of the water also allow diving. Lovers of active recreation in the countryside will also find something for themselves. Due to the numerous marked routes, they can explore the area on foot or by bike.

Due to the popularity of the lake area there are numerous tourist and leisure centers. Currently, you can use three guarded bathing areas at the Niesłysz Lake:

  • OW Kormoran bathing resort

The bathing beach has a one hundred meter shoreline and is open from 10:00 to 18:00. People who decide to relax on this beach have at their disposal a zone designated for recreation and sport, as well as a separate place for a barbecue or bonfire. Importantly, there are changing rooms, showers and toilets at the swimming pool, so you can spend a peaceful day at it. As on most beaches guarded by lifeguards, there are also designated areas for bathing for children.

  • Bathing Beach Municipality Communal Niesulice 1

This beach has a 150-meter shoreline and is also open from 10:00 to 18:00. There are changing rooms and a toilet. The beach is guarded by a lifeguard and has a place for children to swim.

  • Municipal beach Niesulice Beach 2

The bathing beach has a 60-meter shoreline and is open from 10:00 to 18:00. At the beach there is a toilet and there are designated places for a barbecue or a bonfire and a swimming pool for children. People spending time at the Niesłysz Lake have the opportunity to moor there water equipment

Łagowskie Lake – a beach with a lifeguard

Łagowskie Lake is located in the Łagowskie Lake District and covers an area of 82 ha. Its average depth is 5 meters, which means that it is often visited by divers. The irregular, mostly developed shoreline and good water transparency make the area very popular with tourists. Numerous bays and isthmus also create excellent conditions for canoeing and guarantee unforgettable emotions.

Nature lovers will also find a lot of impressions at the Łagowskie Lake, because the reservoir is located in the Łagowski Landscape Park.

Only one guarded swimming pool is open at the lake in Łagów this season:

  • ZSMP Water Bathing Beach in Łagów on Łagowskie Lake

The swimming pool is open from 10:00 to 18:00 and the length of the shoreline is 30 meters.

On the beach, there is a building with toilets (also adapted for the disabled) and changing rooms. A children’s bathing area is also designated. People relaxing on the lake have the opportunity to use water equipment, including pedal boats, boats, kayaks. The swimming pool also has the option of swimming in a water gondola, yacht, motorboat or even a sailboat.

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