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The Zielona Góra Szprotawska Railway Park

The Zielona Góra Szprotawska Railway Park

From September 30, Zielona Góra and all tourists can visit the Szprotawska Railway Park. If you are a railway lover, this place is made for you.

The park is a success for lovers of the Szprotawa Railway

What connects the lawn with the peak? In “Łącznik Zielonogórski” M. Bronisławski says that this is a reference to the history of the creation of the Szprotawska Railway Park. Lovers are struggling to commemorate the history of this small local railroad.

It is worth knowing that numerous railway sidings covered virtually the entire city. The popular “lawn” is a place on Morwowa Street, where a heat pipeline used to run that way. Once this place was very neglected. Thanks to railway lovers, the place revived and an open-air museum with a peak was created there, and the whole place became more beautiful.

What are extremes?

The task of the extremes was to ensure that the wagons entering the steel routes were not overloaded, and the goods did not protrude outside the wagon. An interesting fact is that the Germans made rockers from old rails. The gauge that is in the museum is over half a century old.

It is also worth knowing that the Skansen was created and is still developing thanks to the efforts and resources of the Civic Budget. Zielona Góra residents liked rail attractions and it is possible that the heritage park will continue to grow. It is planned that all visitors can see inaccessible exhibits – steam locomotive and wagon.

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