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Tourist Attractions in Zielona Góra – Dolina Gęśnika

Tourist Attractions in Zielona Góra – Dolina Gęśnika

Tourist Attractions Zielona Góra – Dolina Gęśnika is another proposal not only for the youngest. On Saturday (October 13) another new attraction was created in Zielona Góra – one of the largest and most modern rope parks in Poland.

Instead of games on the tablet – they overcome obstacles

Parents are happy that their children are outdoors instead of using computers. Defeating a bridge with a rope is a real art. Numerous obstacles and “attractions” inside the bridge mean that you have to get tired to overcome several sections of the route. Of course, everything is properly secured so that parents let their children have fun without fear. The area of ​​the park is 3 thousand. sq m, while the path among the trees is 290 meters long.

The G examinnik Valley is a path with a length of 290 meters. There can be about 150 children on it at one time. The park begins right next to the Orlik, and parking spaces are located at a nearby church. The footbridges you cross are about 5 meters above the stream. The whole structure stands on high piles driven into the ground, which are kept upright by ropes. The park is “maintenance-free” and above all completely safe. Adults will also be able to use it.

The creation of the rope park is part of the project, which aims to renew the Geśnik Valley. It is the area from the church at Źródlana street to ul. Sulechowskiej. In addition, tourists can take advantage of other sports and recreational attractions (e.g. playground, traffic town, playground, rope park, dog paddock). The next part is for walking and relaxing in the greenery.

The Gęśnik Valley is a place you can reach from the Centrum Park apartments in a few moments. When planning your stay in Zielona Góra, you can relax in the very center of the city next to the revitalized Sowiński Park. For our guests we have prepared comfortable apartments, with spacious bathrooms and places to rest, as well as a sauna where you can relax after a long day.

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