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Vineyard guide – Bacchus Field

Vineyard guide – Bacchus Field

What connects the love of wine tradition and mythology? The name Bacchus Field is a tribute to culture and the formation of wine and all mythological messages related to this drink. Do you know that visiting Zielona Góra in a few moments can reach many vineyards? Meet the Bacchus Field.

Love of wine and mythology

The owners of Bacchus Field admit that when the god of vines and crops wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle, he runs away to their plantation, which is located on a hill between Łaz and Zabór. Bachusowe Pole is 2 hectares of vineyard and winery in one place. Grape varieties grown here are:

  • Pinot gris
  • Pinot blanc
  • Muscat moravsky
  • Solaris
  • Oporto
  • Zweigelbtrebe

Bachusowe Pole is one of the oldest vineyards in Split Góra. The owners are Renata and Mirosław Stępniów, who are happy that every day, the number of lovers of the drink of the gods in Poland is growing. Mirosław dreamed about his own vineyard from a teenager. It all came true in 1993. Hard work, travel experience and the effort put into the wine making process should satisfy all customers.

Apartments Centrum Park – Rest in Winny Castle

A visit to Bacchus Field is an ideal opportunity to get to know the area and local wine. By choosing to visit the vineyard, it is worth planning a visit to Zielona Góra in advance.

Centrum Park Apartments are a great base to get to know the surrounding vineyards, wineries and monuments of the city.

Zielona Góra is worth visiting with family or friends, where after a day of attractions you can relax in comfortable rooms in the heart of the city. Our facility is located next to the renovated Sowiński Park, rich in many varieties of trees, paths, a playground and a sports field. We always care about the comfort of our guests, that’s why we have prepared comfortable, spacious rooms, a sauna and bicycle rental.

Taste Lubuskie wine, explore the surrounding vineyards and monuments of Winny Castle. Plan your visit to Zielona Góra today and we will take care of your rest.

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