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Wine Cellar in Zielona Góra – flavors from Lubusz vineyards

Wine Cellar in Zielona Góra – flavors from Lubusz vineyards

Being in Winny Town it is worth visiting the Wine Cellar located on the hill below the Palm House. People who are wondering where to drink local wine in Zielona Góra should go there their first steps. In the cellar you can try drinks that are made by local winemakers.

Wine Cellar – liquors from Lubusz vineyards

Many people while in Zielona Góra wonder where you can drink local wine. With the thought that they do not always have the opportunity to reach the surrounding vineyards, a Wine Cellar was created, which allows them to get to know the liquors of Lubusz winemakers in one place.

The basement is located on a hill below the Palm House and two characteristic “sails” stretching out above it form a roof above the large terrace. The restaurant itself covers an area of ​​30 square meters and its arrangement is very modern. At the start in 2018, this place was where you could get to know the flavors of more than fifty wines from local vineyards, and over time the number of drinks to try came.

Until recently, you could taste local wines in Zielona Góra only during the Vintage. Of course, Lubusz liquors were available in several places, but their offer was very limited. For almost two years Piwniczka Winiarska Lubusz winemakers have been able to sell their wine and this means that we have a really wide range of flavors at hand.

Overnight in Zielona Góra

For lovers of Lubusz wine traditions, Centrum Park Apartments will be the perfect place to stay in Zielona Góra. The comfortable apartments are located in the center of Zielona Góra in the revitalized part of the Sowiński Park. Near them there is the Palm House and a place where you can taste local wine in Zielona Góra. The location of Centrum Park Apartments means that the attractions offered by the city are within easy reach of our guests, while guaranteeing a peaceful rest.

Comments and opinions about our apartments can be left on the website Meteor, where our business card is presented. Zielona Góra is an interesting and beautiful city, so it is really worth visiting us and getting to know Guilty City.