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Wine cellar on Wodna 32 – Discover the flavors of old Grünberg

Wine cellar on Wodna 32 – Discover the flavors of old Grünberg

We have known for a long time that Zielona Góra stands as a wine. The Winny Castle, however, hides many secrets that you can discover while walking around the city. Did you know that in addition to large vineyards, you can also get to know the small, climatic wine cellars. Check this one at 32 Wodna Street.

The guilty treasure of Zielona Góra

The wine cellar at Wodna Street is considered one of the greatest wine treasures in Zielona Góra. Interestingly, the inconspicuous entrance at the embankment, wooden doors more resemble an abandoned warehouse or shelter. It turns out that this is where the finest vineyard in Zielona Góra is located.

Mirosław Kuleba in “Wine Topography of Zielona Góra” describes this place as follows:

“On the southern slope of the Löbtenz hill, at its foot, the old cellar of the merchant Johann Jeremias Seydel, built in 1786 on his vineyard in the reeland Rodeland, has survived. It is the only facility of this type in the city. The idea of ​​aging wines in a cellar located in a slope of the hill, foreign to local tradition, Seydel took from wine countries, where such a solution is popular, e.g. in the Rhineland or Moravia. The eternal form of the wine cellar in Zielona Góra was the room located in the underground floor of a wine house, a wine house, outbuildings or a wine press. ”

Who was Johann Jeremias Seydel?

He was considered one of the greatest winemakers in Zielona Góra. He owned many vineyards in the Rodeland region. In addition to wine production, he was also involved in the production of wine vinegar. On a daily basis, he lived in his residence at 3 Postal Square (this building currently houses the Pizza Pi pizza). Seydel died in 1986 at the age of 96.

Do you want to meet this amazing place? From time to time, the City organizes Open Wine Cellar Days, where it is possible to visit, among others, the wine cellar at 32 Wodna Street.

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